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  • "What is the legal framework regarding Water governance in Delhi"
    - Query from Almas, Germany (03.07.15)
  • "Can we negotiate with NBD for a higher percentage in monetary sharing so as not to enter into separate agreement with states for monetary sharing. and . Can NBD grant permission to commercialise under Rule 18, when there is a separate provision under Rule 14 of NBD rules "
    - Query from Immaculate (23.05.16)
  • "Legal framework for transportation of waste oil from ships and how can the Indian legal framework for disposal of oil from sludge tanks be aligned with the International law."
    - Query from Mr Damodar Divkar, Goa (13.10.16)
  • "Whether snakes may be kept as pets in India? Can an Albino Corn Snake be transported from London to be kept as a pet in India?"
    - Query from Lavanya Varma, London
  • "Does the Gram Sabha have the authority to issue transit permits for transportation and sale of Kendu Leaves to other States "
    - Query from Ravinder Prasad Singh , District Hazaribagh , Jharkhand (24-11-2014)
  • "Does the forest department have the power to seize vehicles passing through a public highway along a sanctuary"
    - Query from Shiekh Alim , Umaria District , Bandhavgarh National Park , Madhya Pradesh (29-01-2014)
  • "Whether community claims for Manda Asthal by the name of shiv mandir be granted under Forest Rights Act, 2006"
    - Query from Ms. Sangeeta , Sharan (01-08-2014)
  • "Is a No-Objection Certificate from Gram Sabha required for forest clearance of linear projects in compliance with Forest Rights Act ,2006"
    - Query from District Welfare Officer , East Singhbhum , Jharkhand ( 07-08-2014)
  • "What is the procedure for recognition of habitat rights of Particulary Vulnerable Tribal Groups"
    - Query from District Welfare Officer , Dumka , Jharkhand. (18-10-2014)
  • "Do brick kilns requires prior environment clearance"
    - Query from Advocate Dasrath Gupta , Ambikapur , Chattisgarh
  • "Does the forest department have the legal right to change requirement of knowledge of local language as an eligibility criteria for recruitment of forest guards"
    - Query from Samar Basu Mullick , ICFG , Jharkhand (20-12-2014)
  • "Requirement of "NOC" from Gram Sabha for forest clearance of coal mines with compliance to forest rights Act"
    - Query from Mr. Ramesh Kumar Choubey, District Welfare Officer , Ramgarh District , Jharkhand. (07-06-2014)
  • "What is the process of compensation to inhabitants who were illegally evicted from their households and were not paid compesation?"
    - Query from Mr. Bijoy Chakma, President, Dampa Wild Life Sanctuary, Mizoram
  • "What are community forest rights and community forest resource rights?"
    - Query from Wachiraben Kariuki, Kenya
  • "The relevance of the BioDiversity Act, 2002 in the present context."
    - Query from Mr. Ravinder Saxena, Madhya Pradesh
  • "I want to know whether there is any law or work by ELDF for the pollution on the river?"
    - Query from a project coordinator
    from WWF-Pakistan (27-12-2012)
  • "Sir, main raipur c.g. me rahta hu. hamare city me road ko bada karne ke liye road se lage bade aur purane trees ko kanta ja raha hai. trees ko bachane ke liye legal procedure kya hai?"
    - Query from a lawyer based
    at Chhattisgarh (03-01-2013)
  • "Sir, I have seen sand minning being done on river subanrekha banks with JCB machines. As far as my I know there is no mine lease. Is this valid? And how can we fight against it, considering the fact that the violator is a man from ruling party and corruption levels are really alarming?"
    - Query from a concerned citizen
    from Chandil, Jharkhand (06-01-2013)
  • "What schedule in the wildlife protection act do sea cucumbers come under? Is there any law protecting shark species in India"
    - Query from an independent researcher
    at Cochin, Kerala (07-01-2013)


  • Saheb we are being told to leave the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, in Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh for an amount of Rupees ten lakhs- what should we do? Is there any law that can protect our ancestral claim to our home?
    -Query from a group of village elders in
    Sidhi Madhya Pradesh
  • Sir, there is a nilgai ( blue bull) on the national highway wandering aimlessly and also scared..what can be done legally to protect the poor animal?
    -Query from a worried resident from ATS
    green village, Noida
  • Madam, ..they are cutting a huge tree in front of our house what do I do..? I really don't want this huge..old tree cut which I have been seeing since my childhood?
    -Query from a neighbour in Sector 15A, Noida
  • Sir, I live in Kotda tehsil, Udaipur I grow my musli and want to take it to Udaipur to sell it- some NGO also told me that I have a right to do this correct?
    -Query from a tribal in Kotda tehsil a
    scheduled area in Rajasthan
  • Should we create a conservation reserve or a community reserve in Agatti Islands in Lakshwadeep to protect the giant clams?
    -Query from a BNHS, Mumbai officer incharge of the
    Project on Giant clams
  • Can maldharis in banni grasslands claim community forest ownership to their ancestral land?
    Query from a well known grass root NGO Sahjeevan in Bhuj
  • My eco tourism hut is 200 meters from the sariska I come within the purview of ecologically sensitive areas?
    Query from A small time nature lover who has left everything in his home town in Himachal to follow his dream of setting a nature camp near Sariska
  • I have an old leopard skin that was given to me by the Chogyal can I register it ?
    Query from a Retd Lt General in the Army , a very decorated soldier in Delhi
  • Hey I need some help..the village people here want to produce village level biodiesel through home brewed alcohol.. the excise department says you need to pay royalty for the this legally correct? We are helping them on technical aspects.
    Query from a techo duo helping tribals in Mohuda village in Berhampur, Orissa
  • I need to set up a small plywood unit . do I need to get a wood balance study done?
    Query from a small time plywood operator?
  • Sir I need to set up a pico hydel ..a 10 kw on a stream in Mongsemyemti in Nagaland do I need some legal permissions?
    Query from A community group in Nagaland
  • Our community knowledge on herbs is being stolen in Nagaland..what can we do immediately? Is there a solution in law?
    Query from some anthropology students in Nagaland
  • In our area we have been protecting forest for several paderu in Vishakhapatnam district in Andhra Pradesh, will the new forest rights Act be applicable there too?
    Query from a grassroots NGO operating in Paderu, Vizag, Andhra Pradesh
  • The Ladakh Hill Council owns the land but the forest department manages the changthang sanctuary..who has a first right over the benefits of the sanctuary?
    Query from Regional Wildlife Warden of Ladakh
  • The Kerala Tourism Department insists on running boats in the Periyar Dam ( which currently witnessed the tragic boat incident which lost 32 young lives). The Periyar Deputy Director insisted that it is illegal to ply boats without the permission of the Chief Wildlife warden? Is this understanding correct?
    Query from the then Deputy Director of Periyar in Kerala
  • Are Coastal SEZs exempted from public hearing?
    Query from the Machi Mar Adhikar Samiti active in the coastal Gujarat?
  • Which law protects cordyceps?
    Query from Superintendent of Police Ladakh

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