A Pragmatic Support

NSS caters to the all organizations ranging from grass root level NGOs, CSOs and non for profit entities regarding their organizational needs, to develop their human and intellectual resource capacities. It is common knowledge that despite sincerity and commitment and a deep rooted engagement, many organizations especially at the field level are precluded from accessing resources and benefits from donors and supporters due to lack of capacity in written or presentation or other organizational aspects. There are immediate, or short term or medium or long term requirements in terms of developing policies, formats, reports, processes, personality development, oral and written skills, operations manual, drafting contracts, deeds and agreements, guides which are intended to direct, inform, and instruct them in the performance of their jobs, and enable them to work effectively with agencies, contractors and the public at large. It is here that NSS is located as a hub for organizational development and handholding organizations in need and providing value to such organizations. NSS is an independent team and an arm of the ELD Foundation where there is a Core Team under the overall leadership of Sanjay Upadhyay, the Honorary Managing Trustee.

Core Management Team

Honorary Managing Trustee- Sanjay Upadhyay: sanjay@eldfindia.com
Admin Head - Mr. Vishambhar Dutt: vish@eldfindia.com


  • Agreements drafting and evaluation
  • Financial reporting and handholding
  • Project reporting
  • o Quarterly Progress Report
    o Mid Term Report
    o Annual Report
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Audits
  • o Social audit
    o Environmental audits
    o Financial
  • Proposal writing
  • Donor - Orientation -connect
  • Donor requirement support
  • CSR - support - eligibility
  • Presentation Support
  • Capacity Building / Personality development/Written and Communication skills development
  • Communication / Media support
  • Sectoral expertise support